Sunday, May 1, 2011

Get Around Pulau Perhentian

Aside from walking, the only means of transport are water taxis. Prices are negotiable but figure on RM 12 for most hops from one beach to another, and a little more when crossing from one island to another.

There are many walking tracks that connect the beaches as an alternative to water taxis. Long Beach to Coral Bay is about ten minutes and a very easy walk, also Long Beach to D'Lagoon is possible but the track becomes a little more uneasy towards the second part so best to get some directions first. Another route from D'Lagoon is to Adam and Eve beach, be careful when swimming here as there are sometimes thieves waiting in the forest, though they are only interested in cameras and money.

Many places on the island are referred to with both their Malay and English names. To make life a little more confusing, the words "beach" (pantai) and "bay" (teluk) are often used near-interchangeably as well, and a few English place names are not literal translations.

Malay English Location
Pasir Panjang Long Beach Kecil, east coast
Teluk Aur Coral Bay Kecil, west coast
Teluk Dalam Deep Bay Besar, south coast
Teluk Keke KK Bay Besar, southwestern coast
Teluk Pauh - Besar, northwestern coast

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